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Brand Identity

Treeletrik the first Malaysian company to locally manufacture a fully electric bike, pioneering innovative electric vehicle technologies for the Malaysian market, and beyond.

Treeletrik Logo
Treeletrik’s 100% eco-friendly vehicles are safe, technologically advanced and affordable. Committed to its mission, Treeletrik sought an identity that conveyed these principles. Drawing inspiration from key words such as eco-conscious, vibrant, green, approachable, accessible and low maintenance, the visual representation of Treeletrik’s brand was crafted.

Treeletrik sought to update their former logo and branding yet wanted to keep a number of concepts from their former brand.

Logo Re-design Goals

  • Simplify the logo  
  • Encompass the key words and feelings
  • Keep the symbolism – the “tree” and “on power button” concepts needed to remain within the symbolism
  • Keep the name Treeletrik
Treeletrik Old and New Logo
Treeletrik Logo
Treeletrik Electric Moped
Treeletrik Office
Treeletrik Business Cards
Treeletrik Data
Treeletrik Waterbottle
Treeletrik Color Palette
Treeletrik Moped Helmets
Treeletrik Merch
Treeletrik Electric Moped
Project Team

Creative Director / Designer: Stephanie Halmich

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