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Brand Identity / Photo Shoot Production / Video / Copy Writing

Solectrac is committed to creating a safer, cleaner and healthier future for farmers, communities and the land. The company is pioneering the transition to zero-emission agriculture and utility operations through its commercially available 100% battery-powered electric tractors.

Solectrac Logo
Solectrac believes in planting seeds today, to harvest a better tomorrow; in steps that leave footprints in our soil, not on our planet; in an electric tractor’s quiet power to make a difference. Solectrac believes a smarter and more sustainable future is built by the way we live today.

Solectrac Logo Re-design Goals

  • Make the logo bolder  
  • Keep the symbolism – the wheel and sun, both symbols of agriculture
  • Add an additional symbol – community / family to emphasize the brand story
  • Keep the name Solectrac
  • Keep similar color palette focusing on blue and yellow
  • Expand the brand to iconography, patterns, collateral and photography – feel should be approachable, hopeful and friendly
Solectrac Logo Old New
Solectrac logo
Solectrac Nashville
Solectrac magazine
Solectrac Presentation
Solectrac Portland
Solectrac Business Card
Solectrac Portland Park
Solectrac Merch
Solectrac Billboard
Solectrac Portland
Solectrac Portland
Solectrac Website
Solectrac Portland
Solectrac Ads
Solectrac Pins
Solectrac Portland
Solectrac Ad
Solectrac Ad
Project Team

Creative Director: Stephanie Halmich
Art Director / Lead Designer: Daphne Chang
Video Manager / Videographer: Stephen Parkhurst
Editorial Manager: Natasha Overin
Photographers: Patrick Daly, Abigail Bobo

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