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Are You an EV?

Illustration / Copy Writing / Layout / Production

To celebrate Earth Day 2022 and to engage with the next generation, we crafted a captivating children’s book centered around Evita the EV. This tale captures the imagination of young readers and inspires them to learn about electric vehicles and their positive impact on the environment.

Are You an EV? Illustration
This book not only imparts knowledge about electric vehicles to children but also delivers a valuable lesson: even if you feel different from everyone else, there is a community out there where you belong.

Evita the EV, the protagonist of this story, faced the challenge of being the only electric vehicle amidst a sea of internal combustion engine vehicles. Determined to find her kind, she embarks on a remarkable journey where she encounters a vibrant cast of characters who share her electric spirit, from Victor the electric van to Blair the electric bus. Through Evita’s adventures, young readers learn the importance of embracing their uniqueness and discovering their own supportive community.

Are you an EV? Illustration
Are you an EV? Illustration
Are You an EV? Illustration, Book
Are You an EV? Illustration, Book
Are you an EV? Illustration
Are You an EV? Billboard
Are You an EV? Merch
Are You an EV? website
Project Team

Creative Director: Stephanie Halmich
Art Director: Sela Foster
Illustrator: Kat Hayashida
Story by: Natasha Overin
Editor: Namson Pham

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